Knife Sharpening/Rental Program

In an industry where preparation is key, dull knives are fatal to your success. A. Maestranzi Sons will sharpen your knives to have edges that last the best way we know how: the old-fashioned way – by hand and with heart.

We handle all of your cutlery needs and provide you with knives of only the best caliber; sharpened by our highly trained craftsmen. Utilizing our Knife sharpening service will equip your business with the tools they need to properly operate. Here are just a few of benefits to our knife sharpening/rental program. 


  • More efficient cutting due to reduced friction
  • Improved consistency and added safety for employees
  • No cost of buying your own knives and sharpening equipment
  • No productivity lost to employees sharpening their own knives
  • Less accidents and/or injuries due to dull knife, less insurance claims

How it works:

We deliver on a weekly/bi-weekly basis or can customize a frequency that works for you. We invite you to try a risk free trial. Here is how to start.

  1. Set up an appointment to meet with one of our managers for a complimentary consultation.
  2. During that meeting, we will discuss the needs of your kitchen and work with you to determine an inventory that will suite your staff. 
  3. After that, we will offer you two duplicate customized sets: one for your immediate use, and the other being picked up to be sent back to our shop for sharpening.
  4. The first exchange will be at no cost to your business. We want to earn your trust the way our family has always done it: by giving you a superior product experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Get your personal knives sharpened and more…

Walk-ins are welcomed at our showroom in Stone Park, IL.